We are a bunch of professional welding enthusiast that reviews welders, welding helmet and other welding accessories. We built this page to ease the tension of the welding community and save some time of research for our readers and admirers.

We only review products that we have personally used, or admired. We never make any paid or biased reviews that will confuse our readers or make any bad purchase experience.

Welding Icon Team
The Welding Icon Team

Welding is in our DNA, We have been welding for over a decade. We have been thinking about making people aware of several welding related products and what better way is to do it rather than making a whole website about it.

In our website we have reviewed several kind of welders as well as some safety gears for the welder and some important welding informations that every welder including the most expert professional welders should know about.

As for our personal life we mainly work as a guide for the beginners and try to make them as professional welder as the future market will value. Several of our proud students has done some amazing work and made a promising career for them and people surrounding them as well.

We have not been working for the people or as a guide for the common men who are willing to learn welding not as a profession but as a hobbyist profession or for their small welding work at home. So, this website and all its contents has been made just by keeping them in mind and to educate them as much as we could.

Thank you for being here and having an interest about us. let’s explore this diversified welding world with us. Good Luck!