10 Best Welding Helmet Reviews in 2021

When it comes to welding, a helmet is one of the prime accessories you have to consider taking for your safety. A welding helmet will protect your eyes from sparkles, cover your face, ears, and neck from spatters. So, you need a good quality helmet for a better welding experience.

best welding helmet reviews

Did you know? the welding helmets we use today was first introduced by Wilson Products, back in 1937. Before that people used to use hard metal plates and glasses which were dangerous and caused lots of vision loss and retina burns for welders.

With that in mind, we have listed ten of our best welding helmet reviews for you to check and have the best one according to your needs and price point. We tried to cover as much price range as possible without compromising the essentials.

10 Best Welding Helmets You Can Find on Today’s Market

Here is the list of welding helmets that we have picked for our best welding helmet reviews along with our expert ratings.

Best Overall Helmet

Lincoln Viking 3350

Welder’s Choice

Optrel Crystal 2.0

Best Valued Helmet

ESAB Sentinel A50

Premium and Reliable

3M Speedglass 9100xxi

YesWelder Panoramic 180 View

Miller Digital Elite 281000

Antra AH6-660-6218

Jackson Safety 46131

Dekopro MZ224

Tacklife PAH03D

Now, Lets get back to the reviews.

1. Lincoln Viking 3350 Series – Best Overall Helmet

Our number one pick for the Best Welding Helmet Reviews is none other than the Lincoln Viking 3350 Series of auto-darkening Welding Helmet. If you are looking for a light weighted and comfortable Welding Helmet then the Lincoln Viking 3350 Series welding helmets is the best option you can have on the current market.


The Lincoln Viking 3350 is well fit for MIG, TIG, Pulse, and other gasless welding experiences. You will surely love the fittings of this helmet around your head. It is an auto-darkening helmet with accurate color variations, clarity, and better viewing experience into the puddle which is way better than any other welding helmet that we have ever experienced in a while.

The auto-darkening feature is a great addition for this helmet and you can adjust it according to your need and it consumes very little power. For a heavy welder, the battery will last at least two years before you would have to think of replacing the battery.

The headgear of this welder is very comfortable and well designed. However, if you are one of those people with a large forehead, you might experience some itches and pinch in the temple region. The helmet has a “Grinding” position that allows you to switch to the insight of the helmet which is why you would not have to take off or lift the helmet every time you take a break from welding. 

If you want a perfect black helmet then this helmet is for you, if you want a fancy colorful helmet then this helmet is for you, as you can choose from 25 different color styles for your choice of Lincoln Viking 3350.

Overall it’s a great helmet for your everyday welding and worth every penny you spend on it. If you are a professional welder or just a welding enthusiast who is looking to check out an auto-darkening then the Lincoln Viking 3350 Series is the best option for you. And that’s why it’s in the top position of our list of the Best Welding Helmet reviews. 


  • Viewing Area: 3.74 x 3.34 Inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.5 x 5.25 Inches 
  • Weigh: 21 Ounces
  • Lens Switching Speed: 1/25,000
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Battery Type: 1 CR2450 Replaceable
  • Variable Shade: 5-13 Internal
  • Grind Mode: 3.5 Internal & External
  • Warranty: 3 years.


  • Has magnifying cheater capable lens
  • Continuous light-sensitive control.
  • Has a larger viewing area
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable & easy to use


  • It’s a glossy finish. So, there is always a possibility of scratches.

2. Optrel Crystal 2.0 – Welder’s Choice

Coming up at the runner up position for our list of Best Welding Helmet Reviews is one of the best professional-looking auto hoods from Optrel is the Optrel Crystal 2.0 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet.


Optrel Crystal 2.0 is easily one of the best welding helmets in the current market. It is super lightweight and so comfortable that you won’t even feel anything in your head. It has a crystal clear vision, true color tone, and vivid and saturated color contrast. The 2.5 inches cheater lens of Optrel Crystal 2.0 results in an amazing puddling vision for the user.  

The hood is suitable for MIG, TIG, Stick, Arc, and Plasma welding but TIG welding is the part where it shines the most. Also, you might get some occasional flash on your lenses, it no means a full-blown flash, but its there at times. 

The Optrel Crystal 2.0 has two welding modes, automatic and normal. Instead of the traditional dark green views, you will get a tint of blue shade is the automatic mode which looks great, and you can easily make several customizations on the manual mode and make it however you want. It has 4-12 adjustable shade levels and it can change the shades automatically to give you a better auto-darkening experience. 

This helmet has a twilight feature which will allow your lenses to light up gradually when you switch from a dark state to a lighter state. Having a built-in grind mode, you would not need to take the helmet off when its time to take a break from welding. 

Overall, Optrel Crystal 2.0 is a great hood for your money and you will get every futuristic feature with it in your hands. As they say, you get what you pay for and this helmet is worth every penny you spent on it.


  • Viewing Area: 4.35 x 2.1 Inches
  • Shade levels: Auto and 4-12 manual
  • Arc Sensors: 3
  • Lens switching time: 0.1 ms
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • UV/IR protection: Maximum 
  • Battery: Solar Cells, and Lithium CR2032 
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C
  • Weight: 18.7 Ounces
  • Warranty: 02 Years


  • Best suited for MIG, TIG, Arc, Plasma, and Stick welding
  • Super responsive and lightweight helmet
  • Genuine True Color feature
  • Twilight feature for better eye adjustability 
  • 31% brighter lenses than regular ones.
  • Dust, Smoke, and Aerosol resistance.


  • Might face some occasional flashes
  • Expensive compared to Lincoln & Esab helmets

3. ESAB Sentinel A50 – Best Valued Helmet

Coming up at number three on our list of Best Welding Helmet Reviews is one of the best auto hoods from Esab is the Esab Sentinal A50 Welding helmet. 


The Esab Sentinal A50 is a dome-shaped helmet with a simple super responsive LED touch screen with 8 different preset memory settings, which is a welcome addition for an auto-darkening helmet. It is a lightweight helmet compared to other helmets out there in the market but you might feel it a little heavier in case coming from other lighter helmets. So, from our point of view, it is lightweight and comfortable as any other helmet considering its price and specifications. 

The auto-darkening workes flawlessly and you can adjust the amount of light you would like to be emitted through those glasses. The helmet is suitable for MIG, TIG, STICK, and Plasma welding with a range of 5-13 ADF and a low amperage for TIG rating less than 2 AMPs.

The helmet comes with a few extra lenses including a yellow and a crystal clear version of lenses. However, the crystal clear one has a slight blue tint on the lenses and it looks very nice once you wear it for your daily activities. It also has an accurate color variation and a clear interface along with a nice strong stiff shell. 

The Esab Sentinal A50 has one of the best headgear out there in the market. It is adjustable and has one of the most comfortable headgears out there in the market. The custom fit of the headgear will allow you to fine-tune your helmet as you like with very minimal effort. 

It has an external grind button on the front end of the helmet. The button is easy to use but might need some extra attention while working as it’s not very much of a one-hand friendly. 

So, overall the Esab Sentinal A50 is a great quality of helmet and we would recommend you check that out before making a purchase decision for an auto hood. 


  • Viewing Size: 3.93 x 2.36 Inches
  • Cartridge Size: 5.2 x 4.50 Inches 
  • Weigh 22.4 Ounces
  • Lens Shades: DIN 5-8/9-13
  • Lens Switching Speed: 1/25,000 
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Battery Type: 1 CR2450 Replaceable Lithium
  • Grind Mode: 3.5 Internal & External
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Larger viewing area that allows tighter welding areas possible.
  • Adjustable headgear with five-point contact
  • Have an external Grind button on the side.
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fast & efficient auto-darkening.


  • Touch Screen doesn’t work very well with gloves on. 
  • Replacement items are expensive and not easily findable
  • The helmet might get hot in certain conditions. 

4. 3M Speedglass 9100xxi – Premium and Reliable

For the fourth place on our list of best welding helmet reviews, we have everyone’s favorite welding hood from the 3M company is the 3M Speedglass 9100xxi.


For the longest time, it was the best welding helmet for everyone. Even not it is one of the best, the only reason this amazing hood is not our top pick is its price point. But to be honest, you get what you pay for and the 3M Speedglass 9100 has absolutely everything that you would ever need and want from a welding helmet.

3M company has always had the reputation of being a solid manufacturer and they have lived up to their mark on this helmet. The 3M Speedglass 9100xxi is one of the lightest welding hoods in the market with less than one pound in weight. 

The headgear of this helmet can be a little tighter for some people but with an adjustable hook, you can customize it as you like. This hood has the best side window of any helmet in the market and you will not a tunnel vision while wearing this. Despite having a light state and a dark state this auto-darkening helmet doesn’t have solar panel assistance.

The xxi cartridge is the next level addition to the 3M family. The colors are very much true and vibrant. The visuality of Arc when it struck is truly amazing and clear. The most appreciated feature of 3M Speedglass 9100xxi is the venting. With a cleaver open-back design the ventilation allows your breath and exhaust from the hood. 

The cover is an easily removable piece of this helmet so you won’t need your ADF cartridge to get the helmet out through headgear. This means clearing and changing the lenses will be as easy as a piece of cake.

Overall, it’s a great piece of a hood for the price you pay for it. The 3M Speedglass 9100xxi is not cheap but it’s worth every penny you pay for. And that’s why it’s in the third-place of our list of Best Welding Helmet Reviews. 


  • Viewing Area: 2.87 x 4.21 Inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.31 x 6.55 Inches 
  • Weigh 16 Ounces
  • Lens Switching Speed: 0.1 ms
  • Lens Variability: 8-13 
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Battery Type: Replaceable Lithium 3V CR2032
  • Operating Temperature: 21°F to 131°F
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Got a Larger viewing area
  • Has adjustable side windows
  • Durable, comfortable and lightweight
  • Several low to high amp adjustable lenses
  • Fast switch between light & dark state


  • Doesn’t have a solar power
  • It is an expensive hood 

5. YesWelder Panoramic 180 View

At number five on our list of Best Welding Helmet reviews, we have the versatile auto hood from the YesWelder company is the YesWelder Panoramic 180 View. 


If you are looking for a premium featured welding hood at the best economic price with very minimal adjustments then YesWelder Panoramic 180 is the on to go for. The helmet has a large bifocal viewing which is 4 inches tall and 3.7 inches wide. 

The helmet has a true color feature and the clarity of the viewing is almost as natural when you strike an arc. The side glasses of the YesWelder Panoramic 180 is a welcome addition to this helmet. It’s very nice to have when you are working outside as you are getting a bigger and wider view but the down part is when you work indoor, you are likely to get flashes from all around which can be annoying at times. 

The YesWelder Panoramic 180 has 3 to 13 shades which will enrich your auto darkening experience while welding. The grind, cut of this hood is easy to adjust from outer control. If you are having a struggle with the glare and following a weld line, then this will not disappoint you. The YesWelder Panoramic 180 comes with replacement lenses and two batteries out of the box alongside three years of official warranty. 

The helmet is very comfortable with the headgear but unfortunately its very weak. The headgear also tends to be the only downside of this amazing welding hood. The headgear doesn’t last very long but you can easily replace it from a miller headgear which fits fine with it. It also weighs about 2.2 pounds which might be heavy for some hobbyist welders.  

Overall it’s an amazing helmet for the money and we recommend you get it and a replacement headgear alongside it to get the best and premium experience. 


  • Viewing Area: 3.94 x 2.64 inches
  • Side Window: 2.56 x 2.36 Inches
  • Weight: 35.2 Ounces
  • Shades variability: 3-13
  • Arc Sensors: 6
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Battery Type: CR2450 Replaceable Lithium 
  • Warranty: 03 years.


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, MMA, and Plasma welding
  • Solar power capability
  • Inbuilt magnifying capabilities
  • Comfortable Pivot typed headgear
  • Three auto-darkening screens included


  • Heavy compared to other hoods
  • Weak headgear

6. Miller Digital Elite 281000

For the eight places of our best welding helmet reviews, we have chosen Miller Digital Elite 281000 auto-darkening welding helmet. The Miller line up is best known for its great value and premium pricing strategies. And the Miller Digital Elite 281000 hits every part of those strategies.


Miller Digital Elite 281000 is a well-built welding hood with lots of customizations and adjustable settings and applications. It is a professional grade hood with a comfortable headgear. However, the headgear of this helmet can be a bit flimsy for several people as its tight to adjust at times for several people. But once you have adjusted it with according to your fits, its a great experience of welding. it is durable so, you will have no problems if it fells from your head a few times. 

The lens of the Miller Digital Elite is one of the best in the market, its true color enabled, clarity is good and has a vivid and saturated color input. It has a ClearLight technology, which is claimed to give you a more colorful experience.  There also something called X-mode, which is Miller’s way of saying that it has a great shade experience for you. The X-mode is also a good experience to have on a featured price tag. The helmet has a large viewing area and accommodates along with every cheater lens you can find in the market.

The Miller Digital Elite 281000 has four arc sensors and it has a touch screen panel that allows you to adjust your shades, sensitivity, and delay of the lenses. You can also adjust your auto on-off setting when a heavy light environment arrives to when you set up to strike some Arc. 

Overall you can have some premium feel some experience while using it for a regular basis. It provides great value for the money and brand. 


  • Viewing Area: 3.85 x 2.38 Inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.03 x 2.72 Inches
  • Weight: 18 Ounces
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • TIG rating: below 5 AMPs
  • Response time: 1/20,000 sec
  • Shades Variability: 5-8 and 8-13
  • Battery: Solar assist and Lithium CR2032
  • Warranty: 03 years


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, Arc, Plasma and Stick welding
  • Solar power accessibility
  • Lightweight, Comfortable and Durable
  • X-mode enabled
  • ClearLight technology used
  • Fast, responsive auto-darkening experiences


  • Expensive compared to other similar quality hoods
  • Headgear can be problematic for some users.

7. Antra AH6-660-6218

If you are looking for the best welding helmet with hands-free experience and a decent price tag then the Antra AH6-660-6218 is the for you. However, there are some trade-offs to this helmet that’s why it’s on the seventh position on our review of the best welding helmet. 


The Antra AH6-660-6218 has six different variations to choose from and each has some tweaks here and there. The hood has a passive filter and 13 permanent UV/IR shades and multiple layer LCD shutter which enhances the auto-darkening modes. Weighing only about a pound, it’s easily one of the lightest welding hoods in the market.

There are two shade variables from 5-9 and 9-13 which tend to be super responsive and easily adjustable for indoor and outdoor weldings. With an excellent viewing area and fast switching between shades and an improved interface suppression technology, you can easily switch between your welding time and grind time with ease. 

The regular matt black version of Antra AH6-660-6218 doesn’t have the battery replacement feature so if you are not a hobbyist welder we highly recommend you get the bloody skull or the lion fire version for some extra perks. 

Indoor and outdoor visibility of the hood is quite good but we have faced some green glare issues while working outside. The headgear is comfortable and durable switching between lenses is fast and responsive. If you don’t mind having some glare, it’s a good helmet for your money.

The Antra AH6-660-6218 has some spare items coming right out of the box. You will have ten spare outer screens, one inner screen, and a battery right out of the box. You also get thirty-six months of official warranty and the Antra team recommends you get a servicing from their service point if you required one.

Overall it’s a great helmet for your money and you can easily pass your day to day activities with ease.


  • Viewing Area: 3.86x 2.5 inches
  • UV Protection: >=W13
  • Weight: 16 Ounces
  • Lens Switching Speed: 0.15 MS
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/2/1/2
  • Shades Variability: 5-9 and 9-13
  • Battery Type: CR2450 Lithium
  • Warranty: 03 years


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, MMA, and Plasma welding
  • Solar power capability
  • Two shading modes
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • One-click switch between grind mode and welding mode.


  • Not suitable for industrial use
  • The outer part is made of plastic
  • The battery is not replaceable for earlier versions.

8. Jackson Safety 46131

Coming at number eight on our list of best welding helmet reviews is the Jackson Safety 46131 auto-darkening welding helmet from the US welding giants Jackson Safety company. It should come as no surprise that you have heard the name from many professional welders as they are amongst a few helmets company that gives you the best welding helmet for the price tag.


The Jackson Safety 46131 has an amazing selection of shades and you can easily adjust the shade level from 9-13. There are a grind mode and a welding mode on this hood and you can switch between the modes easily while welding. You can easily use this feature for MIG, TIG, and Arc welding which is a value-centric addition for this welding hood. 

The headgear is easily one of the best features of this helmet. You can adjust how high or low you want to sit your helmet on the top. There is an angle adjuster on the shell of the hood that makes it easy for you to use a respirator which will allow you to adjust your helmet’s positioning either fully down or closer to your chin. 

The viewing is perfect for outdoor welding but can feel a bit flimsy on the shades if you are working long hours and heavy-duty cycle projects. The lens is clear, vivid color but not as true toned as other premium featured welding hood which is expected considering its price point. 

The helmet is lightweight and comfortable for daily use that weighs around 2 pounds and most importantly you won’t feel sour neck even if you wear it all day long. This hood has four Arc sensors which are a lot for a hood that within this price range.

Overall it’s a great package for a budget helmet and it also tends to be the best welding helmet that Jackson Safety has ever made for the budget and hobbyist welders. 


  • Viewing Area: 3.93 x 2.36 Inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.11 x 3.63 Inches
  • Weight: 31 Ounces
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Shades Variability: 9-13
  • Lens Switching Speed: 1/15000 Sec
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery (included in the package)
  • Tig Rating: <5 AMPS
  • Warranty: 02 Years


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, and Arc welding
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easily adjustable headgear
  • Easy shade selection
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor welding


  • Made of plastic
  • The cover is thin compared to others
  • Might not auto darken equally on every part of the lens

9. Dekopro MZ224 

At number nine for our best welding helmet reviews, we have one of the best economic hoods in the market which is the Dekopro MZ224 Auto Darkening, Solar-powered welding helmet. 


Considering the vast market of various welding helmets it’s the cheapest auto-darkening helmet that you can find in today’s market and more importantly is has the solar power feature available. Which you can not find in some premium quality welding hoods or even on a 50-100 dollar range of welding hoods. 

The Dekopro MZ224 has a wide viewing area and a customizable shades experience. It’s very lightweight and comfortable compared so some other helmet within this range. The helmet has an accurate timing while the Arc strikes but sometimes it lags here and there. Sometimes for outdoor welding, you might need to wear sunglasses as the sensors struggle on that point. 

It has a large viewing area 9-13 standard shading modes, however, you should start from 10, because 9 doesn’t give you much of a value. The lens has some color adjustment features but no true tone. The outdoor visibility is quite good for the price point.

The main issue is with the headgear of  Dekopro MZ224,  if you are planning to use it as the daily driver we highly recommend you upgrade the headgear as it will save you a lot of struggle in the near future. 

Overall it’s a great helmet for the money you pay and the utilities it provides. If you are ready to upgrade it with more paddling and use a different knob to adjust, it will be a great helmet.


  • Viewing Area: 3.62 x 1.65 inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.33 x 3.54 Inches
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/2/1/2
  • Variable Shades: 9-13
  • Lens Speed Sensitivity: 1/25000 ms
  • Battery: Solar powered and CR2032 Lithium.
  • Warranty: 03 years


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, Plasma welding
  • Lightweight and comfortable for a long time usage
  • Solar-powered and a long battery life
  • Adjustable shades control 
  • Adjustable knobs on headgear
  • DIN16 UV/IR protection enabled


  • Bad quality of a headband
  • Auto-darkening is irregular on bright sunlight

10. Tacklife PAH03D 

Last but not least in our list for the best welding helmet we have the Tacklife PAH03D. If you are looking for a simple welding hood with all the basic elements met at a lower price than the Tacklife PAH03D auto-darkening welding helmet is one of the best options for you. 


The hood has a large 12 square inch viewing area with DIN16 UV protection and a good and responsive auto-darkening feature. The Tacklife PAH03D is one of the best and cheapest welding helmets of Tacklife company and it provides the best value for your money compared to some other renowned brands and their premium price tag. 

It is a premium plastic finish and you can easily weld MIG, TIG, Stick, and Plasma welding with it. There is a knob on the left and right sight of the helmet and you can adjust your headgear and your shade controls. There is a small window of perfection and if you find it, it can mitigate your bouncing problems for the hood. 

The control of shades and headgear is easily the best feature of Tacklife PAH03D at that price point. The shade ranges from 3//4-8/9-19 and the response of the shades is amazing. It is solar powered as well as has a 3-volt lithium battery alongside it which is replaceable and useful. 

The Tacklife PAH03D is easy to use and you can easily learn all the basics with ease. Overall if you are looking for a professional-looking helmet with a cheap price and with all the basic features enabled than this is easily one of the best helmets to recommend. 


  • Viewing Area: 3.94 x 2.68 inches
  • Cartridge Area: 4.33 x 3.54 Inches
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Arc Sensors: 4
  • Optical Clarity: 1/1/1/1
  • Variable Shades: 3/4-8/9-13
  • Lens Speed Sensitivity: 1/25000 ms
  • UV Protection: DIN16
  • Battery: Solar powered and CR2032 Lithium.
  • Warranty: 03 years


  • Suitable for MIG, TIG, ARC, Plasma welding
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Solar-powered and long battery life.
  • Adjustable knob to control headgear and shades
  • Includes 6 shades with the box.


  • Made of plastic
  • Durability is lower compared to some other brands
  • Headgear knob is very tight and can be bouncy if not adjusted properly

Your Welding Helmet Buying Guide

Before you decide to buy a welding helmet there are a few issues you should consider. These issues will determine your satisfaction with the helmet as well as safety in the working field. At no chronological order, here’s a list of things you should:

Safety Standards

before you even consider a helmet you should check if the helmet is covering your eyes, ears, neck from the spatters or not. It should maintain all the safety standards that are mentioned by ANSI Z87.1 which is indicated with proper labeling.

Weight and Comfort

The weight of a helmet is subjective but it covers a great deal of comfort. Your chosen helmet should be properly balanced in weight management and the headgears should be comfortable to use.

Viewing Area

There are several viewing sizes, you have to find the perfect balance for you. Our reviews can help you with that.


It isn’t mandatory to have more sensors, but the sensors have to be perfectly balanced. 

Optical Class

There are four test rates for optical classes. 1, 2, 3, and 4 where 1 tends to be the best. The difference between 1/1/1/1 and 1/2/1/2 is not that much if you are a professional welder, you will notice it. 

Lens Shade Options

Your chosen hood must have at least 10 shades.


We prefer a solar-powered, as well as battery, enabled welding helmet. 


you should consider the number of years the company is going to support you with its accessories and parts warranty.


A welding helmet can have a price tag from 30$ to 900$. You should choose the best welding helmets according to your price range and our review will help you with that. 

You can also check out the video made by our dearest friend Mike on his youtube channel about how you can choose the best welding helmet and what to consider before picking up one.

Final Words

If you have come this far then you may already have a better view of the best welding helmet of your liking in general. A helmet is the main safety gear when it comes to welding. It doesn’t hurt to explore and choose the best one for you. For us, we have used the 3M Speedglass 9100xxi for the longest time but now we like both  Lincoln Viking 3350 and Optrel Crystal 2.0 for our regular working space. We highly recommend you to check both of these and give us your feedback.

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